The Reinvented Project is New Zealand’s “No Brand New” upcycled, recycled, vintage and pre loved collective.


We are a social enterprise that runs a directory and series of markets/events to support and promote New Zealand's small businesses and creatives who are contributing to a circular economy through the reinvention or revival of existing materials. Our mission is to demonstrate that what the consumer needs & wants already exists...it just needs to be reinvented to fit a new purpose. Material optimization of so called unwanted, used, old, or discarded items through creative reinvention is one of the most sustainable retail options. The Reinvented Project is passionate about growing & inspiring re inventors who’s innovation is an essential skill for a creative generation and sustainable global economy. 


We are proud to support a passionate, creative & talented collective of re-thinkers & re-inventors. I hope that we can give you a glimmer of inspiration, change the way you buy, push your creative button and show you that with a bit of passion project reinvention is all you need and more in this wasteful and high consumerism world. 


Hi, I am Beccy Beavis, founder of The Reinvented Project & No Brand New Challange. A mother of two, a dreamer, a lover of clothing that evokes memories,  feijoas, and relocating homes on the back of trucks to create their second life. We are in the midst of the renovation of our second relocatable bungalow, our very own reinvention project.

I have been totally obsessed with the "Reinvent" concept since I was a little girl. I suppose you could say its in my blood. My grandparents owned an inorganic rubbish collection business and almost their entire house was made up of someone's trash "reinvented". It was a magical treasure trove of creativity and practicability  I couldn't understand how some people could chuck out such potential. My grandmother Lenora was also a milliner by trade and had a keen eye for fashion and fabric. The dresses, lace, curtains, and tablecloths she collected from the rubbish collections were turned into the most amazing dolls, hats, clothing and costumes. It was when I realized everything should be appreciated and respected. Each item no matter what shape or form has had an interesting story, and has a story yet to tell. Taking after my grandmother is my freakishly talented mother who I used to watch as a little girl shine in all her artistic glory restoring and remodeling old furniture, stripping back paint to reveal the native timber, adding decorative handles and bright cushion covers.  

As I have experienced its the love, passion, and creativity that goes into the reinvention process that gives an object more value. It carries all the charm of the past and can suddenly reinvent itself into the future. Call it reinventing the wheel or recasting old ideas, but these contemporary versions have a spirit and style all on their own.

After a corporate career in Melbourne, I was compelled to re connect with my creativity. I returned to New Zealand and started my own business "Reinvented Bride" and tapped into the amazing potential of wedding dresses already sitting in wardrobes all over the world, pre loved designer gowns, spectacular vintage gowns, and the reinvention of dresses and vintage fabrics. This concept then grew and became the popular & successful bridal store "Secret Lace Bridal". Then came the birth of my beautiful first child, and being a mum was my first priority.  


In a quest to stay at home with my son & live a more minimalist and sustainable life I vowed to buy nothing "Brand New" for an entire year. Along my journey I have discovered and been connected with some very talented New Zealand creatives and businesses that build their lives and work around the four R's...Re Love, Recycle, Reinvent and Restore.  What better way to support these amazing businesses and bring them into your life & home...welcome to "The Reinvented Project"

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