Rework Network

At Rework we champion creative re-use. 'Clothing for Compost' is an initiative run by the Rework Network to decrease the amount of textile and organic waste to landfill, to increase consciousness about the benefits of composting and re-purposing textiles and to test the theory that if waste becomes currency will we waste it? 



KiwiHarvest is a food rescue organisation. They collect good food before it goes to waste and get it to those in need. KiwiHarvest works with food businesses, including supermarkets, wholesalers, producers, cafes, restaurants, and hotels, to rescue the good food that they aren't able to sell. Their drivers and volunteers then deliver this food straight out to over 100 charities and social service agencies across Auckland, helping them to provide fresh, nutritious food for those in need, all free of charge.

Waiuku Junktion

Waiuku Junktion is operated by Waiuku Zero Waste, a community recycling enterprise. At approximately 75% diversion from landfill, we are turning Waiuku’s waste into resources and moving forward to ‘Zero Waste’. We accept recycling, rubbish and green waste as well as items that can be re-sold, upcycled, re-vitalised and sold in our shop. THE LIST IS ENDLESS BUT from retro furniture, homewares, to craft supplies, electronics and garden equipment. Old, new, repaired… and all at amazing prices. Come in and bag a bargain or pick up some treasures to complete a project, we would love to see you. Located at: 5 Hosking Place, Waiuku, Auckland.


Rekindle is a social enterprise that enables diversion of reusable resources from waste via creativity and craftsmanship. Seeing waste as resources full of latent creative opportunity fuels our work. We have initially focused on diverting timber from waste within residential demolition in Christchurch, turning this into furniture, interiors, sculpture and jewelery.

We are now working in Christchurch and Auckland to expand our model beyond timber into other materials. We see design as the tool that unlocks the qualities of resources undervalued when seen as waste. 

Warming Hearts New Zealand

Warming the babies of Auckland! Seeking donations of pre-loved, new and handmade warm clothing and blankets to pass on to families in need through midwives. Each and every donation means that we can help keep more and more newborns warm next winter.


Ever since its inception, Littlemore’s driving concept remains very simple: pre-loved baby essentials from one Kiwi to another. The simple act of giving to those who need a helping hand in our community, and sharing the joy of being a parent, is at the heart of everything we do. Click on the link to find out more about donating.

The Clothing Collective

The Collective is a revolutionary lifestyle venture. Combining curated style with compassion, it’s a movement of meaning – bringing people together in an exchange of goods, for good. It’s a place where people can donate and buy gorgeous pre-loved fashion and furniture, with half the proceeds going to The Mental Health Foundation of NZ.

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