Cotton Dreams

A selection of Indian-inspired 100% cotton designs & waste fabrics that are hand stitched to create beautiful shawls, table clothes cushion covers.  Featuring elegant peacocks, modern mandala, and sumptuous paisley motifs, these designs have been refined and offer a sophisticated style that will enhance your surroundings.

We use a traditional dying process called Patri. Fabric is printed by hand using wooden blocks with Patri, which is a mixture of natural products, including iron rust and jaggery, a cane sugar.  Cotton Dreams products are designed in NewZealand and bought to life by women in India who are really struggling with their social and financial situations. 

Vintage Furniture Revivals

Welcome to Vintage Furniture Revivals.... From "boring to adoring” , “Rehab to Fab”...
Passionate about transforming boring, old & forgotten furniture into something stunning & beautiful !! 
Vintage Furniture Revivals transforms antique and vintage furniture into something new and exhilarating with the influence of the old world, timeworn look for someones beautiful home.

Re-Design Store

100% Waiheke made. A collective of artists, all working with recycled materials to recreate handcrafted gifts, homewares, clothing and jewellery. The Waiheke Room highlights Waiheke makers: skincare, hats, woodwork, wood carving, ceramics, hand knits, kids clothing, fudge, flax weaving.


denielbarnes is a small & unique Auckland based furniture business. All the products are made from

reclaimed wood, steel and glass. Every piece of furniture is made up from materials that were discarded.

The designs draw from different eras and styles, from simple affordable pallet wood furniture to more

mid century modern and industrial flavours. From working with the materials at hand every piece is unique.

At Large Audio

At Large Audio create state of the art portable speakers from vintage and retro suitcases. Because every case is hand built, this clever company can manufacture or customise to suit your particular needs: Got your own case you want to use? No problem. Want an additional connection? Sure. Need an extra battery? All good. "We love the idea of up-cycling, and do it every chance we get – but not at the expense of quality. We hand pick vintage suitcases, and combine them with high quality vintage audio -and new state of the art electronics."

Blue Scarlet

Blue Scarlet is all about strong and vibrant colour - they love it and think it can do amazing things to a space, a chair, even a mood! The bigger picture is carefully considered in this business specializing in furniture, interior design and homeware with upcycling as its main focus. "We're not just selling 'stuff' for the sake of selling something - all our product is functional and considered".  Blue Scarlet can take your tired old chair, couch, or whatever it may be, and work with you to transform your piece. They also have a selection of 'after' pieces that are reinvented and ready to go.

Coexsist Workshop & Gallery

Coexist is a creative collaboration between makers Xi Peng and Ella Pairman. Their aim is to design, make and stock high quality and stylish products that will help to make sustainable living easy.  Most of their wide selection of eco friendly and upcycled  homeware from art to ceramics are made in the Coexist Workshop. "In the workshop we take reclaimed, recycled and found objects and turn them into high quality eco gifts and homeware" 

Flock Loves Art

Beautiful one of a kind mosaic wall art made from rescued vintage crockery. Make art, reduce landfill! Smashed with love by Flock Loves Art. Money from the purchase of materials for these artworks goes to local charities around New Zealand, it also is helping reduce landfill and gives you a chance to own a piece of totally unique art.

Industrial Design NZ

Industrial Design NZ was started by Paul Roest in Auckland in 2011. These hand made, eco-friendly furniture creations are sure to make a bold statement in any room. Using reclaimed materials with a lot of soul. These solid and sturdy works of art are made with love.


Kcimory (the "c" is silent) is a New Zealand business specialising in the design of unique furniture, homewares and art prints. All of their timber pieces are handmade and carefully crafted from either recycled wood, such as Rimu, Matai, Kauri, American Oak and more or made from sustainable solid Pine. Kcimory follows a "No Waste" philosophy, especially when it comes to the use of recycled wood. Their designs are structured around making the most of the wood and minimising waste. 

The Decoupage Diva

The Decoupage Diva specializes in Decoupage Art. Attaching paper designs/pictures in various forms to bring new life to existing objects for re purposing, reinventing, decorating and enhancing. The decoupage dive can transform everything from furniture to shoes. The Decoupage Shed is where much magic takes place! arts and crafts, a place of learning, creating and fellowship.

Revival Furniture

Revival Furniture breathe life into quirky retro style furniture by upholstering it with brightly patterned vintage wool blankets. "We like to look for the best in things – whether it be an old discarded chair with good bones or uncovering a marvellous woollen blanket out of the back of the linen cupboard. It is in these things that we see potential."  The result and quality workmanship invigorates even the dullest of rooms. Revival Furniture has a voice that can spark a laugh and trigger a nostalgic moment. 

Dizzie Pixie Designs

An unusual take on the standard dream catcher. Each dream catcher is hand made using various trash and treasures, pre-loved jewelry and un-wanted accessories and all sorts of other random bits and bobs. That are just too fab to just be thrown away...

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