No Brand New Challenge

Do you have what it takes to go "No Brand New"? Join us for our next 3 month challenge...

Buy nothing brand new, apart from consumables. Sign up now for more details.

Think of this as a boot-camp that simultaneously targets & improves your mind, your wallet and planet. After completing an entire year of buying nothing new I have picked up some great gems that will make this experience so much easier and rewarding for you and the entire family. It's life changing in so many ways, and its entirely possibly to live a luxurious, full life whilst buying nothing brand new.

News letters with inspiration, tricks, tips and to others on the journey...event & market invites, special offers from our directory businesses, competitions and loads more. Sign up 3 month challenge starts the first day of spring 1st of September.

Lets move away from waste management to material optimization and help support a circular economy in New Zealand.