How owning too much can mean you own too little

I think everyone is guilty of standing in-front of their closet filled to the brim exclaiming "I have nothing to wear" and deep down they know too well that disorganized excess results in more blindless consumerism.

In preparation for the No Brand New Challenge and in welcoming Spring, I thought it was perfect timing to do a spring clean of sorts. A spring clean for your mind and home....out with the old mindset of more, and in with the clairity of appreciating what you have right in front of you...its just that the majority of us are too disorganized to find it. This all sounds very metaphoric but its a simple approach of decluttering, being mindful and achieving clarity to help slow down consumerism. In this blog post I am going to list some really helpful things to read & do in preparation for your spring clean &No Brand New Challenge. I also talk to organizational queen Simone Collins on daily habits of an efficient and organized person and her top decluttering tips. Before I do however I just want to clarify that I am a true creative Libra, who appreciates the beauty of a minimized, styled and organized space HOWEVER by nature organization does not come easily. Its something I really trying to master. If you too are more of a hot mess, please remember what someone once said to me..

"mess is just a term used for human created spaces, only humans make straight lines & sterile areas, nature is all about the layers of chaos and functioning busy spaces"

So I emphasize that this isn't about mess, mess is sign of a full life. This is about helping us to achieve a more organized mindset so we can be more functional as our authentic self, and actually see and appreciate who we are and what we already own.


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Habits of a organized and efficient human being...

Simone Collins is a homeowner, wife, mother and business owner. She lives on a lifestyle property in rural North West Auckland and shares snippets of her journey on her blog & instagram page "Little House on the Hill". Simone is one of those incredible human beings that is creative & organized. She has a master in juggling life with efficiency, passion and flair. She is new mum living in a modern world and is delightfully honest and real. She understands too well that with life comes an accumulation of stuff, stuff clutters your mind, home and planet.

"Its about finding a system that works for you and sticking to it. I like to approach it like feeding a child...little and often" Simone Collins

1. Make your bed every day

"Starting of each and everyday with a made bed is psychosomatic". You start the day with a small achievement which in turn helps foster a positive mindset, and positivity helps with effiency.

2. Get dressed everyday

This sounds simple right however as a mother its easy to find yourself in your dressing gown at 2pm. Even though it may not feel like it at the time, staying in your PJs all day isn't good for the soul or your confidence. Mark the start of a brand new day with a fresh pair of clothes even if you are at home all day.

3. Think about dinner in the morning

Take something out of the freezer or plan what you can whip up after work, it reduces stress and results in more down time in the evening.

4.Do a load of washing everyday

Make this part of your everyday routine, just like brushing your teeth.

5. Apply a 1 day rule to clean washing

Once its dry don't let clean washing sit around for more than a day. Do it now.

6. Put things away

“A place for everything and everything in its place” stay on top of it once you have organised it , a simple clear up at the end of each day takes little time and can save you lots of time in the long run.

7. Put kids toys away

At the end of each day put kids toys away. It signals the end of child time and transitions into adult time. The next day will also become a hell of a lot easier.

8. Keep surfaces clean

There isn't really any excuse to have "stuff" all over surfaces. If you have adequate storage use it. Treat surfaces like a canvas or art space, only display what you love, what you like to look at.

Top Tips for keeping your home or space organised and clutter free...

Simone Collins -Little House on the hill

1. Start Small

One drawer, cupboard or one room. Don’t try to tackle it all at once if you are short for time. I often find that the organisation of one shelf, drawer or cupboard doesn’t take too long and you can then move onto the next in your own time. I also find that when you see the result , (for me its addictive) you are so happy with the outcome and new found space or clarity the motivation has begun to move to the next space or challenge

2. Keep, Cull, Repurpose, Bin

Once or twice a week on a day at home I tackle a room or a shelf or drawer, approaching it in my head as

- “Keep” if required I wash or wipe the item down, resort and organize in its existing or a new place that makes more practical sence,

- “Cull” remove these items from your home... donate , sell or given to someone that would appreciate them,

- “Repurpose” The item is to be kept but will be used elsewhere in the house, work, or upcycled , Or the least fave

- “Bin” The least fave an item only gets binned if it’s beyond repair or can't be reused by somebody else.

3. Donate NOW

If you are going to donate , keep these items organised and all in one place and take them sooner rather than later. I cant count on my hands how many times I have driven around with bags of clothing in my car for the clothing bins. Stay organised and take them NOW, not later. The sooner you do, the sooner someone else can find joy with them.

4. Prepare

Get prepared – you need some resources. Baskets, Boxes, Bags , Jars Caddys etc. Think about the space you are going to organise and then what storage items might best help this area become a more enjoyable place to use . They don’t need to be new or expensive , I reuse boxes, jars, trays etc I already have first . I also recently asked family to save me their jars that would usually end up in the recycling bin for me as I did over my pantry.

Some great ideas for this are :

  1. A dish drying rack in your plastics/Tupperware drawer or cupboard, this humble item is so useful repurposed for this function.

  2. Glass Jars , eg baby food jars, and any other empty cleaned jar for your Herbs and Spices, rather than those pesky boxes that spill their contents all over your pantry.

  3. Spend some time on creating labels that are clear and easy to read for your items in your pantry, bathroom and office or children’s toys and craft supplies. I love a good label machine!

  4. NON SLIP MATS – the holy grail of a tidy cupboard or drawer. They make an area easy to clean, and organised. Pick these up in Supermarkets, Dollar Stores etc – they come as a roll and you cut to size . So easy but very effective

  5. “A place for everything and everything in its place” stay on top of it once you have organised it , a simple clear up at the end of each day takes little time and can save you lots of time in the long run. I live in a two-storey home so I often keep a basket on the stairs for items I need to return to upstairs at the end of the day, the important thing is to do this once a day at least. Don’t let it pile up and accumulate, that will just make the job bigger and more likely to be left. When you put items back in their rightful home, they are always easy to find, you aren’t frantically looking for the batteries or the matches – you will know exactly where they are , all together in that great little tray in the kitchen drawer.

I have found that by being organised I clearly know what I already have and therefore what I really need. My purchases are thought out and planned. I know when I need a new light bulb or batteries as they are all together in their rightful place. I look at boxes that otherwise might have been tossed and try and see them from another perspective, can this be reused. I find joy in opening my pantry and seeing it clear and organised, it makes me want to cook more and is somehow more inspiring. I value what we have more than before . Simply by being able to see it all and it be within ease of reach.

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