Take a photo of it...

Some time ago I starting documenting the mess in my house...a took a photo of the "reality" and posted it on instagram. It was a "stuff you" moment in which I attempted to bring the real back to social media to show that real life is not all about tidy homes worthy of magazines, styled spaces, perfect selfies. One must understand that social media is a place where most people only post the best of their life and style it accordingly. Sooooo I bravely rebelled and #messymonday was born.

However since that little rebellious moment #messymonday has taken on more meaning for me. I have discovered a powerful tool in taking a photo of your worry. Taking a photo of that moment in time that is causing you worry, an overwhelmingly messy house, a toddler throwing paint all over the carpet, an expensive handbag you have fallen in love with. Suddenly the stress, dilemma or worry simply becomes a documented memory. A moment in time that was causing you grief that is now in its a basic form a picture on a screen. For some reason its power is diminished and it looks insignificant. My messy house doesn't actually look that messy, I see the wonderful things...the light streaming through the windows, the bright spring flowers on the table, a cosy, creative and comfortable home.

So how can we apply this tool in every day life and to the way we consume? I'm sure you have heard the expression "sleep on it"....however this time take a photo of it...take as many photos as you want...and sleep on it. Look at the photos, judge them like an art critic reviewing a painting, or a food critic sampling a meal. Hang the photo in your wardrobe, place it on the shelf or in your jewelry box or wherever that item would live if you brought it home. That picture will suddenly take on less meaning and your desire and or worry for the object or scene will diminish & if it doesn't? Ask yourself if its a desire or necessity? An unjustified worry or an actual problem? Ask yourself by purchasing it or changing the scene will you make a greater difference in the world, or to your soul. And at the end of it if you realize that's its just not worth any more thought...at least you have a picture. Blow it up, frame it and stick it on the wall and that way you can own it in its artistic form. Just like I am owning my messy house in all its artistic glory.

I would love to see your #messymonday photos of your reality, your worry!! Lets share them to bring the real back into our lives. Tag @nobrandnew.

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